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Why Hire A Wedding Planner

stay relaxed & organised
Hiring a wedding planner is not just for the rich and famous. We can tailor our services to almost any budget so that anyone can benefit from the many advantages of working with us.

Just some of the reasons to let us help you plan your wedding are:

  • Save you time – for all you people out there who barely have time to eat lunch, let alone spend hours researching and visiting venues, we are here to help. On average it takes 250 hours to plan a wedding
  • Save you money – We are the wedding budget gurus, whether you need help with budget planning or a complete package, there aren’t many money saving tips we don’t know about, not to mention our relationships with all the best suppliers so we can negotiate discounts on your behalf
  • Save your relationship – planning a wedding can be a stressful time and sometimes the mere mention of the ‘W’ word causes eyes to glaze over, by hiring a wedding planner you will alleviate some of the stresses involved and make the whole process more relaxed and enjoyable
  • Turn dreams into reality – with the wave of our magic wand we can turn even the most unlikely venue into something you’ve always dreamed of
  • Save your sanity – we are here to take care of all those little details that may drive you insane, whether this is chasing up RSVP’s, menu selections or accommodation bookings
  • Be your wedding experts – from etiquette to table centrepieces, this is what we do for a living
  • Create your wedding schedule – from the suppliers to the bridal party, we create a detailed itinerary for everything
  • Save energy / be your go-between – we will make it all happen, just like having a personal assistant to do all the legwork and ensure nothing is overlooked
  • Orchestrate your entire wedding – you are the stars of the show and we can make it the most memorable experience of your life

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